Greg Kirchmann, founder of Adelaide Master Guttering, is one of the longest serving, fully qualified, dedicated roof plumbers in Adelaide. He was a member of a select group of tradesmen who undertook roof plumbing apprenticeship when it was first separated from the general plumbing trade back in the mid eighties. Greg’s knowledge of roof plumbing extends from working with traditional methods and roofs, to contemporary processes and products available today.

A hand picked team of qualified and experienced tradesmen ensures Adelaide Master Guttering delivers a consistently high standard of professional work and service in all areas of roof plumbing.

Greg’s lifelong exposure to roofing, guttering and other building trades gave him both passion and knowledge in various areas of building and repairs. Coupled with a need for competitive roofing and guttering services in Adelaide, gave rise to Greg’s Gutters in 2002, recently re-named and branded Adelaide Master Guttering in 2013.

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