Ignoring rusty gutters/leaking gutters

When it comes to rusty and leaking gutters it’s a problem not to be ignored. We come across these situations on a weekly basis and the damage to timber and metal fascia can be very costly. The extra cost in materials and labour can become twice or even three times the cost of replacing the

Repair your roof before installing solar

Thinking of installing solar panels to save on rising electricity costs? Great idea! However, if you live in a house that’s more than 10 years old, it might be wise to have a an expert inspect your roof for damage or ‘wear & tear’ before you take the plunge. You don’t want to install brand new

Should you be maintaining your roof?

Like any asset you own, regular upkeep will increase lifespan or maintain value over a longer period of time. Every object, particularly those associated with your home, degrades over time and regular maintenance will reduce the chances of getting  big repair bill that can’t be ingored. Your home’s roof is no different, but how do

Gutter Guard

When it comes to choosing a gutter guard for your home there are many choices. There are very cheap gutter guards that are more trouble than they are worth. Also there are gutter guards in the mid-price range that look great, seem to work well but only last a couple of years due to weather

When to replace your gutters and downpipes

At Adelaide Master Guttering we are often asked by our customers how do we know when it’s time to replace our gutters and downpipes. Well the answer is simple. All that is required is for the home owner to take a walk around the outside of their home and look for evidence of rust blisters
Gutter Rotting

How to Prevent Gutter Rot

Although water is such an important element in human life, it can also be a strong force and cause much damage. One of the most common ways water damages our standard of living is when it penetrates our main source of shelter—the roof over our head. We do not realise it, but with every change