Gutter Rotting

How to Prevent Gutter Rot

Although water is such an important element in human life, it can also be a strong force and cause much damage. One of the most common ways water damages our standard of living is when it penetrates our main source of shelter—the roof over our head.

We do not realise it, but with every change in season, muck and dirt builds up in our gutters. As the years go by, without proper maintenance, this build up can divert rainwater from its usual downpipe escape, back against essential roofing structure, like rafters and fascia. Once water is constantly moving against these surfaces, the timber begins to decompose and the gutter rot begins.

So regular maintenance is essential to preventing the sludge and decaying leaves from building up in the gutter. This only needs to be done once a year but if you live in an area with lots of surrounding trees, you may want to consider increasing the frequency. If you can’t get up on a ladder and safely do it yourself, you can always call in your local guttering expert!

Adelaide Master Guttering have a gutter maintenance program. At our initial consult we’ll advise how often we think your property needs gutter cleaning and book in a schedule that suit your needs and your budget. We’ll then send you a reminder a week or two before your next gutter tidy up is due!

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