When to replace your gutters and downpipes

At Adelaide Master Guttering we are often asked by our customers how do we know when it’s time to replace our gutters and downpipes.

Well the answer is simple. All that is required is for the home owner to take a walk around the outside of their home and look for evidence of rust blisters on the outside of their gutters and downpipes. The blisters are formed from the gutters and downpipes rusting from the inside out. If there are rust stains or holes in your gutters or downpipes then it is extremely important to have them replaced immediately. Having ignore the rusting process will injure the fascia structure of which the gutters are supported by and after a storm or heavy rain the gutters can fall to the ground, which can be very dangerous. More evidence is mouldy eave boards, which are the sheets between the fascia and brickwork underneath the roof. Mould forms as a black stain and the eave boards become saggy and brittle and can crack and go out of shape. Also, looking at the timber fascia’s for water damage, which look a lot like termite damage. If your fascia’s are at this stage it can be very expense to replace fascia timbers properly and professionally. Looking for these signs and acting accordingly will help keep your home up to maintenance and save you a lot of money in the long run. So if you are not sure or you just want a second opinion or if it’s time to replace your gutters and downpipes, have our qualified master tradesman come and give you a free inspection and quotation.