Repair your roof before installing solar

Thinking of installing solar panels to save on rising electricity costs? Great idea! However, if you live in a house that’s more than 10 years old, it might be wise to have a an expert inspect your roof for damage or ‘wear & tear’ before you take the plunge.

You don’t want to install brand new panels over the top of a roof that may soon need repair. Once the solar panels are up, it may make the roofing repair tricky, time consuming and significantly more expensive.

Leaks and gutter rot are preventable by regular maintenance, but wear due to old age and/or weathering is something all homes will encounter at some stage. Most reputable roofing experts will provide you with a free cost estimate on repairs or replacement, so there is not normally any additional cost for the initial assessment. It may be worth getting a second opinion to ensure the work is necessary and this will also give you a cost comparison. Call Adelaide Master Guttering if you’d like to organise a pre-solar roofing assessment.